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Photos that stop time

Photographer Martin Lavický

How I Became a Photographer

Photographing architecture, nature, people, and mysterious female nudes. Black and white memories. Old walls full of stories that I admired as a little boy in my great-grandfather Jan Lavický’s house.

A well-known photographer from Nová Paka whose dream of making a living through photography was shattered by the onset of communism in ’48. After the revolution in ’89, he was already too old for business, so his wish was never fulfilled.

Something from his inner desire, however, was born within me and burst forth when I discovered an old Praktika PLC3 camera in my grandmother’s closet. It was a film camera, with 36 exposures, and only one chance per shot.

The art of pausing and considering before taking a photo, evaluating whether it’s truly worth pressing the shutter.

With this understanding, knowing it was my only chance, I learned to look attentively and see what others don’t see. 

My ability to observe and perceive the world was further enriched by my coaching practice, which taught me to listen and the art of establishing a bond with clients, enabling me to capture their true, authentic selves.

Let my photos tell your story.

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