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A unique concept that combines artistic photography and creative writing, allowing us to give your life moments a completely new dimension.

Imagine your dreamlike wedding. An event that you experience once in your lifetime. Imagine all your close ones, loved ones, family, friends… people, who come together mostly only once, here and now, because of you.

Why Eternities?

I am a photographer, focused specially on capturing authenticity and emotional moments in my work.  On the other side my partner is a writer, with the ability to immerse herself in the atmosphere of an event and gather, through interviews, unique stories and memories from those closest to you.

By combining photography and fragments of these memories, we create a book. Living story full of emotions and unforgettable moments, that will allow you to travel back in time.

Our portfolio includes weddings, celebrations, and special social events. Whether it’s a big wedding or an intimate family gathering, our passion for detail and ability of creating authentic stories shines through in all of our projects.

If you are looking for something more than just ordinary photographs, if you long for a story… let’s capture together your life moments and transform them into Eternities.

Every project is unique in its focus, scope, and time requirements. Therefore, we always prioritize personal consultations and provide an individual approach. Contact us today and share your plans with us.

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