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A unique concept that combines artistic photography and creative writing, allowing us to give your life moments a completely new dimension.

Imagine your dreamlike wedding. An event that you experience once in your lifetime. Imagine all your close ones, loved ones, family, friends… people, who come together mostly only once, here and now, because of you.

Why Eternities?

I am a photographer, focused specially on capturing authenticity and emotional moments in my work.  On the other side my partner is a writer, with the ability to immerse herself in the atmosphere of an event and gather, through interviews, unique stories and memories from those closest to you.

By combining photography and fragments of these memories, we create a book. Living story full of emotions and unforgettable moments, that will allow you to travel back in time.

Our portfolio includes weddings, celebrations, and special social events. Whether it’s a big wedding or an intimate family gathering, our passion for detail and ability of creating authentic stories shines through in all of our projects.

If you are looking for something more than just ordinary photographs, if you long for a story… let’s capture together your life moments and transform them into Eternities.

Every project is unique in its focus, scope, and time requirements. Therefore, we always prioritize personal consultations and provide an individual approach. Contact us today and share your plans with us.

Authors Martin Lavický & Barbora Bäumlová

Martin v černé mikině drží fotoaparát u oka na černém pozadí.

Martin Lavický

Photographer from Nová Paka, whose goal is to achieve authenticity. His inspiration comes from one single black and white memory. Old walls full of stories that he admired as a little boy in the house of his great-grandfather, Jan Lavický, a well-known photographer from Nová Paka. His desire was born when he discovered an old Praktika PLC3 camera, in his grandmother’s closet. It was a film camera, with 36 exposures, and only one chance per shot“The art of pausing and considering before taking a photo, evaluating whether it’s truly worth pressing the shutter.”

“There are events that pass in the blink of an eye. Yet, behind each of these moments, there is a story. I’m not interested in posed shots, but in authenticity, ability to catch the movement, flow, vivacity. Whether it’s the deserted wilderness or the bustling city, every place has its charm. The art of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. To reveal, what remains hidden to others.

Martin Lavický’s photographs have been recognized in several national and international competitions (Czech Press Photo, Cewe Photo Award, Czech Art Photo, Fujifilm Photo Award etc.) Currently, he focuses on creating photographic series. Accompanying his clients discreetly, he captures unique moments and their life stories.
The large traveling exhibition: “Feeling Breathless” is culmination of his two years of documenting Mr. Jiřička’s life. The complete photographic work is featured in the photo-book: “Feeling Breathless – Conversations with a Giant Mountain Highlander.”

Bára držící červený zápisník s emblémem, který si částečně zakrývá obličej. Má na sobě vycpanou bundu a stojí na černém pozadí.

Barbora Bäumlová

Writer and journalist with a degree in psychology and passion for storytelling. Originally from Vrchlabí, living in Spain. She has always played with words”, whether in the form of advertising, marketing texts, articles, or international reports. She enjoys documenting authentic stories without judgment and presenting them from various perspectives to stimulate the reader’s critical thinking.

Her debut was a psychological book: “The Secret of the Human Smile” (Triton, 2006). She’s waiting for the release of a psychological thriller in Spain titled: “La Esfinge de la calavera” and a travelogue: “Shamanic Peru, Ayahuasca, and Ayni.”

Together with Martin Lavický she has been developing the project: “Eternities”, combining creative writing and photography. Timeless chronicles, photo-books that capture and convey diverse messages to present and future generations. This project includes the continuation of the exhibition “Feeling Breathless” in the form of a photo-book titled: “Feeling Breathless – Conversations with a Giant Mountain Highlander,” which she wrote as an extension of the movie and photographic exhibition about Mr. Jiřička.

I am fascinated by words, playing with them. I enjoy challenges, whether it’s processing the theme of split personality in the form of a psychological thriller, writing a travelogue about shamanic rituals in the Amazon, or precisely documenting the history of the Giant Mountains, through an exceptional individual. For me, he symbolizes wise old age, perspective, and values worth not only recording, but also spreading further.”

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