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Welcome to my website, where I will introduce you to the unique concept of renting exclusive photography exhibitions.

Offer your guests more than just accommodation and wellness. Bring them cultural enrichment that reflects the rich history and nature of the Krkonoše Mountains. Renting photography exhibitions is the first step towards becoming one of the most attractive destinations in the region.

Currently, is available the exhibition “Feeling breathless”. It is a collection of 60 black and white artistic photographs which were created over a year and a half and are taking visitors through the history of economy and life in the Krkonoše Mountains. It portrays the life of one of the last natives of the Krkonoše region throughout all seasons.

Exhibition “Feeling breathless”

This exhibition is part of the cultural heritage and is not for sale.

Renting it represents a great opportunity to offer a new service to your potential visitors. It attracts not only art enthusiasts but also those who want to learn more about your region.

Don’t limit yourself to a standard offer. Expand your services and provide your guests with something they won’t find elsewhere. Gain a competitive advantage and a great tool to strengthen your position on market. Customers will appreciate your focus on culture and your ability to deliver innovative and interesting experiences.

Contact us to arrange the rental of this exclusive black and white photography exhibition.

Your clients will be thrilled, and you will become a pioneer in combining culture and tourism.