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    Artistic Photography The art of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Revealing what remains hidden to others. Creativity knows no limits, and art is the doorway to new worlds that I always open with fascination.

    Travnaté pole pod zataženou oblohou.


      Travel Photography A visual diary. Whether it’s the vast wilderness or the bustling city, every place has its charm, and that’s exactly what is reflected in my travel photographs. Send me on a journey, and I will bring back the captured genius loci, the… Read More »Traveling

      Dva djs hrají hudbu před velkou obrazovkou.


        Photographs that capture the atmosphere I specialize in capturing movement, flow, and change. I create photos that are vibrant and alive. Quality triumphs over quantity in my work. Do you want to attract visitors to the atmosphere of previous events? I can… Read More »Events

        Černobílá fotografie staršího muže držícího šálek kávy.


          Document your work for future generations My series of documentary photographs are like puzzle pieces that come together to form an image of something that is meant to endure for future generations. It is a way for me to leave a legacy.… Read More »Documentary

          Muž v červené mikině s kapucí opřený o zeď.


            I will capture your inner beauty anywhere I don’t photograph in a studio where you prepare the scene exactly as you need it. I believe that the world around us is one big studio. We just need to learn to see the… Read More »Portraits

            Nevěsta a ženich na dřevěné podlaze.

            Weddings and Moments

              “Moments, instants… My path and also my goal in photography is authenticity. I focus on creating a series of photos that tell stories — your stories… experiences with your partner, family, friends, your wedding day or anniversary, corporate parties, and other… Read More »Weddings and Moments