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Magazine Reflex

    Obrázek zobrazuje text „REFLEX“ tučným, černým, velkými písmeny s posledním „X“ v červené barvě na bílém pozadí, což připomíná efekt automatického konceptu.

    Reflex is a Czech social weekly magazine published since April 1990. It covers a wide range of political, economic, social, and cultural topics from both domestic and international perspectives. It is one of the most widely read magazines of its kind in the country.

    External collaboration on international photo reports for the Reflex magazine.

    A report from February 2023 reflecting on the theme of coexistence between Estonians and Russians in Tallinn, everyday life, and the digitization and robotization of society.

    A report from February 2024 discussing the biggest celebrations called Fallas in the Spanish city of Valencia, their history, and their significance for contemporary society.

    Photoreport: “Spanish Fallas, parties where Valencians burn celebrities.”

    Photoreport: “Coexistence of Estonians and Russians in Tallinn: How does it work and why has everyone embraced technology here?”