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Weddings and Moments

    “Moments, instants… My path and also my goal in photography is authenticity. I focus on creating a series of photos that tell stories — your stories… experiences with your partner, family, friends, your wedding day or anniversary, corporate parties, and other social events.

    I am convinced that to capture such moments, it is necessary to give them time and space. It could be a morning, a whole day, or even a weekend.

    It’s not just about taking pictures, but about spending time together with you. I’m not interested in quickly rehearsed and staged poses. I’ll join you on a full-day trip, witness your joy at celebrations, or be an unnoticed part of your activities.

    It’s up to you what story you want to tell and to whom. It’s only up to you how much you will value this story. I believe that the best moments are born in moments of peace and harmony. If you like my approach, let’s capture something authentic together, something that will last not only in your hearts. Let’s stop time together.”